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HOPOPRO represents vitality and hope, with a focus on water conservation, environmental protection, and healthy living.

In 2017, the founder of HOPOPRO visited some countries where he saw first-hand the scarcity of freshwater resources and realized their crucial role in human life. Then he decided to make a modest contribution to the water resources of the earth. As a result, he founded HOPOPRO, a brand committed to solving water conservation, environmental problems and promoting human health through continuous research, development, and innovation.

NBC News, Consumer Reports, and INSIDER have recommended HOPOPRO for its premium product quality, excellent shower experience, and considerate customer support. The brand specializes in providing professional solutions for customers worldwide, including shower heads, shower filters, bathroom and kitchen faucets, shower systems, and other shower devices.

Customer Service
HOPOPRO's 365-day, 24-hour online customer service is available to assist with any inquiries or problems. Customers can reach the service team via email at service-us@hopopro.com, and the brand is committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


What makes HOPOPRO unique?

  • Endorsements from Trusted Sources: NBC News, Consumer Reports, INSIDER Recommended Brand
  • TOP 3 Brand on Amazon with many BEST SELLER products
  • Sold 10,000,000+ Units in US
  • Design and Innovation from the US
  • Patented and Exclusive Models
  • Unique Manufacturing Technology
  • Superior & Healthy Materials


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